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Y Factors 2018: Patriots at Bills

-by DNOMN8R314 As I write this, the Red Sox are either World Series champs, or are traveling back to Fenway needing only one win to become World Series champs. [EDIT: THEY’RE CHAMPS!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!] Either way, it’s an off day for baseball, ...

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Y Factors 2018: Patriots at Lions

-by DNOMN8R314 In both Foxboro and Detroit, “the student has become the teacher”; former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia has taken over the head coaching job for the Lions, while Brian Flores has stepped into Patricia’s vacated position in New ...

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Y Factors 2018: Patriots at Jaguars

-by DNOMN8R314 Whenever the Patriots are about to play a rematch, Bill Belichick has always been quick to point out that the teams have changed from year to year. Although a good number of the names, numbers, and faces remain ...

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