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Postseason Y Factors 2018: Patriots at Chiefs

-by DNOMN8R314 Since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady joined the New England Patriots, the team’s record in road AFC Championship Games is: ’01-’02: @Steelers, win 24-17 ’04-’05: @Steelers, win 41-27 ’06-’07: @Colts, loss 38-34 ’13-’14: @Broncos, loss 26-16 ’15-’16: @Broncos, loss 20-18 It’s been a long time ...

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Know Thy Enemy: Jaguars Defense

-by memokerobi First of all, apologies for not being able to continue my All-22 series. I enjoyed working on those but they took time and I was very busy so I had to stop. However, I’m back for the AFC ...

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But… The Revenge Tour: AFCCG Grades

By Dino Scapelli Seems like we’ve been here before. Seems once again like we had it in our grasp and let it slip away. Seems like just one play could have reversed the outcome. Only this time, it wasn’t in ...

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