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Postseason Y Factors 2018: Patriots at Chiefs

-by DNOMN8R314 Since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady joined the New England Patriots, the team’s record in road AFC Championship Games is: ’01-’02: @Steelers, win 24-17 ’04-’05: @Steelers, win 41-27 ’06-’07: @Colts, loss 38-34 ’13-’14: @Broncos, loss 26-16 ’15-’16: @Broncos, loss 20-18 It’s been a long time ...

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Know Thy Enemy: Jaguars Defense

-by memokerobi First of all, apologies for not being able to continue my All-22 series. I enjoyed working on those but they took time and I was very busy so I had to stop. However, I’m back for the AFC ...

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Ring Envy Style: What Denver Fans are Saying

Had to call an audible guys. Would have posted Broncos fans’ hilarious comments had they lost the game. But instead, I give you this. Here are the strategies of many armchair GMs and coaches from the Denver fanbase. Some insightful, ...

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