Training Camp Write-Up: July 29th and other links

by DNOMN8R314

This past Tuesday, I was given the privilege of shadowing Patriots Football Weekly editor Paul Perillo at training camp. Along with two others, we sat in on Bill Belichick’s press conference before watching the team practice from the media hill, behind the near end zone on the farther practice field. Here’s a few observations from my day at Gillette.

Press conference: It took me about two minutes to understand just how smart Belichick is when it comes to football, something that doesn’t come across as well when reading transcripts or watching videos. He heaped comment upon comment a couple times, when asked about different formations and the progression of Ryan Wendell. There were also times when it was obvious Belichick had no intent of going into a question in depth, as his voice became almost inaudible even in front of a microphone. I was at a table off to the side of the main seating area, so I didn’t have the opportunity to pick his mind, but it was clear how much of a football genius Bill Belichick really is.

Camp highs and LOLs: There were mostly offensive drill taking place on the half of the field where I was sitting, usually with the wide receivers and defensive backs. Julian Edelman’s amazing catch with Kyle Arrington in coverage happened right in front of me, and that play was even better than its descriptions. Not only did Edelman make an acrobatic snag, but Arrington was in his face the entire play and the timing on the pass was immaculate. On the other hand, I did see Patrick Chung take a football off the back of the helmet during an interception drill, and since I was in the media area I had to be careful not to burst out laughing. It was definitely nice to get such a close view of the action, as it made more subtle aspects of the game, such as timing, more visible.

Patriots Place post-practice: After camp, I spent two hours exploring Patriots Place, visiting the Hall for the first time. I enjoyed the Hall; I felt they merged the historical and museum aspects well with interactivity. I did think it was a little small, though, and relied a little heavily on more recent Patriots history; then again, this has been the best decade for Foxboro. Overall, I would recommend a visit, both to the Hall and to training camp. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see potential Patriots up close, and to enjoy watching the sport we all love.


Danny Amendola working to stay healthy

Mark Daniels of Providence Journal says Danny Amendola is working with Tom Brady’s conditioning coach in the hopes of getting past his injuries.

Last year’s season opener against Buffalo gave many an idea of what Amendola could do in the Patriots’ offense. He led the Patriots with 10 receptions and 104 yards in the team’s comeback win. With Rob Gronkowski out, he was Brady’s go-to guy over Edelman. But after suffering a torn groin muscle in the same game, Amendola was never the same.

After signing a five-year, $28.5-million deal in 2013, Amendola knows it’s imperative for him to stay healthy this season. He’s looked strong in camp and continues to be one of the fastest wide receivers on the field. The 28-year-old can only hope that with Guerrero’s help, he’ll see similar results to that of Brady and Edelman.

Big Picture thoughts

PatsPropaganda’s Mike Dussalt looks back at the week old training camp and gives us his thoughts

It’s hard not to be excited, especially on the defensive side of the ball, where the Pats are as healthy as we could’ve hoped headed into camp. Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly and Will Smith, all coming off major injuries, appear to be on track for the start of the season.

On the back end, the secondary has been as expected with Revis and Browner leading the way. Browner’s attitude and Revis’ high level of play have already seemed to bring a new swagger to the Pats defense that has been missing for a long time.

What really matters most is the sub-package anyway, as the Pats spent 67 percent of their defensive snaps with five-plus defensive backs in 2013. Reports of a Ninkovich-Will Smith-Wilfork-Chandler front are intriguing, but more intriguing will be when Dominique Easley returns. He should make an instant impact and could be a secret weapon should the Pats decide to take their time, keep him on the PUP list and unleash him after Week 6.

Offensively there are still some reasons for concern. Julian Edelman has picked up where he left off in 2013, making spectacular catches and setting the tone on offense. Facing Revis in camp should only push him to be even better.

Kenbrell Thompkins has also had a good start to camp despite some inconsistency in Wednesday’s practice. Danny Amendola has also looked explosive and it seems like these three will be the go-to guys on the outside. Brandon LaFell had a slow start to camp but has picked it up in recent days. We continue to wait for Aaron Dobson to make his return.

Perhaps most exciting on offense has been the performance of the running backs, especially rookie James White, who has stood out with explosiveness and pass-catching savvy. He could make a devastation combination with Shane Vereen should the Pats look to employ a two-back passing set.

So far the Pats have seemed to have good luck on the health front and it’s vital that that continues. Stork has been the only significant injury issue, though we are still in the dark as to the severity.


In other news today is former Patriot, Manning nemesis cornerback Ty Law’s induction in the Patriots Hall of Fame. To those who cannot attend the ceremony,  it will be live streamed on On behalf of PatriotsFootballFans community and all Patriots fans really we would like to offer congratulations to Ty. Thanks for the memories !!!


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